Time Trackers

  • directed by Thomas Robins, Danny Mulheron
  • produced by Dave Gibson, Donna Malane, Paula Boock, Sue Taylor
  • writers Donna Malane, Tim Gooding, Miranda Wilson, Ron Elliott, Paula Boock, Doug Macleod

Starring: Kazimir Sas, Joe Dekkers-Reihana, Felicity Milovanovich, Jon English, Marcus Graham, Vaughan Slinn

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The past and the future collide with the present day, as three teen heroes race through time to save the world’s greatest discoveries from being erased… forever!

Time Trackers is the action-packed tale of three teenagers - one from the future, one from the present day, and one from the prehistoric past – who are on a time travelling mission to combat viruses that could destroy the world’s greatest inventions. Follow the adventures of Captain Wiremu Love, the courageous 15 year old navigator of future time-ship, The Chronos. Wiremu travels to 2008 and joins forces with present-day whiz kid, Troy, and together they meet Carmen, a wild and fearless cave-girl.

This time-travelling trio travel through the eras chasing malicious time-viruses that are rapidly deleting important inventions. From pacemakers to shoelaces, the teens’ mission is to make sure the inventions are re-invented within 24 hours - before history is changed forever.

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“Time Trackers a finalist at the Atom Awards” find out more

October 22nd, 2009

“"Time Trackers packs a similar level of inventiveness and charm into half an hour’s telly as the superb new Dr Whos do into an hour" (pdf to follow)” The Dominion Post, Wellington

March 18th, 2009