Southern Cross

  • directed by Mark De Friest
  • produced by Sue Taylor and Paul Barron
  • screenplay by Ron Elliot based on "A Waltz Through the HIlls" by John Goldsmith, from the Gerald Glaskin novel

Starring: Bill Kerr,Jeremy Callaghan,Heath Bergerson,Yeung-Ming Tan,Raegan-Louise Perreau, Bill McCluskey,Laura Black

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Two young refugee children, on the run in outback Australia, rely on the generosity of strangers, to find somewhere they can call home.

With their mother dead, illegal immigrants Liang and Bo, decide to escape from the outback detention camp where they are being held.

Guided by a cast of eccentric allies they meet en route, the kids somehow remain protected from the pursuing authorities.

In this epic journey, Liang and Bo eventually conquer their fears and find a new home.

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“Southern Cross receives AFI nomination” find out more

November 30th, 2001

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