• directed by Alan Macmillan
  • produced by Sue Taylor, an RT Films and Scottish Films Co-Production

Starring: Angela Kelly, Bill Kerr, Peter O’Brien, Vivienne Garrett, Damien de Montemas, Kim de Lury, Michael Loney, Pauline Bennion

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Two identical teenagers living on opposite sides of the world and different sides of the track, decide to swap places.

Minty Sullivan and Melanie Hobson are physically identical but have completely different personalities and lifestyles. Minty plays the hot young star, Roxanne, of the smash hit Aussie soap, Ocean Beach. She is treated like a princess and driven around in a limo. But with her hordes of adoring fans she feels trapped, unable to live a normal life.

Melanie, by contrast, is an ordinary English schoolgirl living in a small bungalow near her parents hardware shop in boring Bricksworth. Not great at school, her future looks bleak and there seems to be no way for her to achieve her dreams of fame and fortune.

But when Melanie wins a trip to Australia she happens to meet Minty. Amazed at how similar they look, they decide to trade places, creating mayhem for everyone around them. Against the odds they get away with it until Minty starts to fall in love with Melanie’s boyfriend, Cameron, and things begin to get out of hand.

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November 13th, 2012

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Minty, Melanie and Angela

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