Marx and Venus

  • produced by Natalie Bell, Ian Booth, Francesca Strano

Starring: Bryce Youngman, Rhoda Lopez

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John Marx and Venus Hoy find themselves in a living situation that is new to both of them.

New to Marx because he was used to living with his girlfriend Kelly, who recently left him for another man with a flashier lifestyle. New to Venus because she’s never lived with just one man before, housemate or otherwise. They’re not sure how this new situation is going to work, or if the pitfalls, misunderstandings, laughter and frustrations of two singletons in one flat will turn them into real friends, enemies, or something else.

Marx and Venus is based around two characters developed by Geoffrey Atherden of Mother and Son and Grassroots fame. Marx and Venus character monologues were posted on the SBS website and a call for scripts was announced with a staggering response. Over 1700 writers from all over Australia - some well-known, others who had no previous screen writing experience brought to life the characters of Marx and Venus. Taylor Media enlisted AFI and Logie nominated writer, Ron Elliot in the role of script editor and in collaboration with SBS selected the final 25 scripts.

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March 4th, 2007

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