Courting With Justice

  • written and directed by Debbie Carmody
  • produced by Natalie Bell

Starring: Roy Billing

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What would happen if the Australian legal system were not based on the British model, but on Indigenous Customary Law, one of the oldest systems in the world?

A former Norseman pub manager was charged with the manslaughter of Kevin Rule, a member of the Ngadju Nation, but later found not guilty.

The dead man’s partner, Daniella Borg, is certain the manager’s lethal punch killed Kevin and feels that the Australian Judicial System has not provided her with justice. Daniella has decided to have a re-trial. This time it is to be set on Kevin’s lands, within the framework of the oldest law in the land. The case is going before an Indigenous Customary Law Court.

Courting with Justice is a dramatic portrayal of the retrial with the bar manager being played by Roy Billing (Underbelly, The Dish, All Saints).

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September 30th, 2011

Official finalist Canada International film festival
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Courting With Justice screens in Tahiti
Courting with Justice at the Brisbane International Film festval
Courting with Justice at Message stick festival

“Courting with Justice takes a black perspective on dominant white legal systems, turning the tables on how justice is done in Australia.” ABC

January 8th, 2009