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The Tree receives seven AFI Award nominations!

October 27th, 2010

The 2010 AFI Awards nominees were announced today. The Tree received nominations in six different categories: Best Film (Sue Taylor and Yael Fogiel), Best Direction (Julie Bertuccelli), Best Adapted Screenplay (Julie Bertuccelli), Best Lead Actress (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Morgana Davies), the AFI Young Actor Award (Morgana Davies), and the AFI Visual Effects Award (Dave Morley, Felix Crawshaw, Claudia Lecaros, Tim Walker).

Congratulations to Morgana Davies, who is not only the youngest nominee for this year’s AFI Young Actor Award, but is also competing for the Best Lead Actress award alongside such established talents as Abbie Cornish, Jacki Weaver, and her Tree co-star Charlotte Gainsbourg.

As Jacki Weaver, who hosted the nominations, stated, “2010 has been a remarkable year for Australian film and television.”

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