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Taylor Media in friendly competition at the Sydney Film Festival

June 3rd, 2010

The power of two

MARK NAGLAZAS, The West Australian June 3, 2010, 10:30 am
The power of two

They couldn’t be more different - one a veteran of television drama and documentaries whose latest is a lavish Franco-Australian art movie, the other a new media hot shot making his debut with an edgy genre flick aimed at young audiences.

Yet Perth producers Sue Taylor and Aidan O’Bryan find themselves in the amazing position of being the driving forces behind the only two Australian entries, The Tree and Wasted on the Young, to make it into the Official Competition of this year’s Sydney Film Festival.

More remarkably, the pair, while rivals in the prestigious two-week event that began yesterday, are close and frequent collaborators whose offices are at the intersection of Beaufort and Walcott streets in Mt Lawley, which can now be rightly called the beating heart of the WA film industry.

“I think it will between Michael Winterbottom and Todd Solondz. And, Sue, your film has a really good chance. There’s no way Wasted on the Young will win,” says O’Bryan as the three of us sit down at a coffee shop just below Taylor’s office.

O’Bryan’s pessimism about his film’s chances is not because he thinks he’s sitting on a dud. Rather, Wasted on the Young is a youth-oriented entertainment destined for the multiplexes, he explains, and a long way from the kind of up-scale adult fare usually showcased in the Sydney competition.

Indeed, O’Bryan considers it an honour simply to make it into the final 12. “It’s wonderful that the festival regards Wasted on the Young worthy to be screened in the company of such high-quality films, many of them, like Sue’s, fresh from screening at Cannes,” he says.

You’d think that competing in Sydney is small potatoes for Taylor, whose film screened in the headline-grabbing closing-night slot of the recently finished Cannes Film Festival and received a seven-minute standing ovation. However, she regards the Sydney festival as the perfect follow-up to the film’s European launch:

“The Tree is a French-Australian co-production so it’s fitting that we began by closing Cannes and now we are opening the Official Competition in Sydney. I can’t imagine a better way to launch a movie.”

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