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Courting With Justice, Crime and Punishment

September 30th, 2011

This Thursday 29th September Courting With Justice screened at the inaugural International Crime and Punishment Film Festival in Istanbul.

The Festival’s mission statement is Reckoning With the Past, In the Light of Principles of State and Law, and is comitted to screening movies that address the relationship between justice and cinema and holds panels, discussion sessions and workshops throught the Istanbul University. The Festival also provides an opportunity to compare justice systems and social structures of different countries and their aspects of crime and punishment with the ones in Turkey.

Courting With Justice, written and directed by Debbie Carmody, asks what would happen if the Australian legal system were not based on the British model, but on Indigenous Customary Law, one of the oldest systems in the world?

The groundbreaking documentary screened at the ICAPFF festival along with over 100 films from 40 countries, as part of the short film schedule.

 --- Daniella Borg