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2010 AFI Samsung Mobile Awards

July 29th, 2010

Well, we are very excited. Why you may ask? Well if you haven’t heard already, our film The Tree has been selected as one of 19 feature films contending for an AFI award this year. The Australian Film Institute have recognized and celebrated excellence in Australian film and television for over 50 years. As of late August, all of the contenders for the AFI Awards will be screened for both AFI members and the public in Melbourne and Sydney at the 2010 Samsung Mobile AFI Awards Screenings.

AFI CEO, Damian Trewhella said: “2010 marked an exceptional year for Australian screen production and we’re delighted 2011 is shaping up strongly as well. Works from both world renowned and exceptional emerging talents illuminate a refreshingly diverse and exciting slate of Australian films that are creating waves at home and abroad. If you’ve an appetitive for big screen entertainment, make sure you catch most of this bumper film harvest and participate in its yield, another intensely competitive awards season.”

After being honoured with official selection at the Cannes Film Festival as well as the Sydney Film Festival and Melbourne and New Zealand International Film Festivals, we are excited about our selection as a contender for an AFI Award. A great big thank you to everyone for your ongoing support!